An interactive game. Fastest fingers win!

Listen to the radio and play online. The team with the fastest fingers will score the most points!

Play Every Thursday at 7PM

The rules:

We play 4 rounds – you can join the game at any time but for the most points you must be in it from the start

Each question is worth 200 points.

20 seconds to answer each question, the longer you take to answer, the more points you lose.

The first to get the right answer, wins a “Fastest Finger First”  10 point bonus.

If you get the last answer of each round wrong “the evil question” you lose 50 points.

Questions are multiple choice, select 2, put the answers in order, or type in a number.

Connection to the gaming server is required, a good wifi connection is best. Joining the game may use data allowances and it could be interrupted by connection failures and broadband/wifi. Gaming host and respective broadcasters are not responsible for any connection errors or time outs. 

Loving the game?

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Join The Game NOW!

Play here without contributing. Remember, listen to the radio on FM or join in on zoom (if you have our super secret code) to hear the questions.

The Radio quiz is a unique game, offered to participating radio stations. It is a fantastic way for broadcasters to provide high quality, interactive content to the listener, engaging them with the output and gaining valuable, real-time feedback.

The Radio quiz can be played by anyone, all they need to do is listen to the radio and answer multiple choice questions on a mobile device, tablet or laptop.

Multiple players can join from a single household.

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, the radio quiz has been connecting thousands of people, providing weekly, engaging, exciting entertainment. The Radio Quiz, is the  interactive quiz unaffected by Covid-19.

Interested in broadcasting this unique, engaging show? Would you like your own private game? Get in touch

We broadcast the quiz, Thursday evenings at 7pm.

Participating radio stations can automate the live stream using basic internet browser technology. No special equipment needed. 

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"It's the only thing my wife has looked forward to in Lockdown"

David Harber : Andover Radio

"it's definitely an enjoyable (And darned exciting!) hour"

Mark Painter : Sedgemoor FM